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How long does coke stay in your system?

Cocaine is a potent stimulant drug. It is highly addictive and when taken in high amount could be potentially lethal. It is a popularly abused illicit substance. There are many aliases or street name for cocaine such as coke, crack, white, and snow. 

Cocaine is an extremely fast-acting central nervous system stimulant. Many people are addicted to it because of its intense and short-lived euphoric high that could last for a few minutes to an hour. (1, 2, 3, and 4)

(Images showing the effect of cocaine in the brain.)

(Images of crack or popularly known as cocaine.)

(This photo shows an image of a man snorting cocaine, which is one of the common methods of ingesting cocaine.)

The effect of cocaine is felt within five minutes if introduced to the body via IV (intravenous) route. If it’s through snorting, the effect will be felt within 30 minutes.

How long does smoking coke stay in your system? If it is through smoking, it would take about 45 minutes for the cocaine to take effect. If through oral ingestion, the effect will be felt in the body within an hour. There are various factors that could affect the effect of coke in the body such as:

  • The amount of coke taken.
  • The blood chemistry of the person.
  • How long and heavily a person uses it. (3, 4, 5, and 6)

The initial high is called rush. After a few minutes, the effect gradually fades leading to an unpleasant crash. As the high effect wear off, the body will seek more of the drug to counter the crash. Over time, it could lead to addiction. In the United States alone, there are millions of people addicted to cocaine.

  • Urine - A few weeks up to three months.
  • Blood - 48 hours after use.
  • Hair - Up to 90 days after use.
  • Saliva - Up to 19 hours.
  • Sweat - Up to 24 hours.

How long does coke stay in your urine system?

Cocaine is metabolized to a variety of compounds. Mostly, cocaine is metabolized within four hours. However, cocaine can still be detected on a drug test after a few weeks up to three months.

Cocaine in the blood 

Cocaine stays in the blood up to 48 hours after use.

Cocaine in the hair 

Coke concentration can be visible on the hair for at least 90 days after use.

Cocaine in the urine

The metabolites of cocaine can be excreted in the urine for up to a few weeks after use.


Cocaine in the saliva or sweat 

Usually, coke can be detected in the saliva for up to 19 hours after use. If through sweat, it can be detected up to 24 hours after use. (6, 7, and 8)

How to get crack out of your system?

How to pass a drug test for coke in 24 hours? Are 5 days enough to pass a drug test for coke? There are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of coke being detected in a drug test. These include the following:
  • Increase your intake of fluid to naturally eliminate the traces of coke.
  • A day before the drug test, you should take a detox pill or drinks to help get rid the traces of cocaine.
  • To get rid of traces of urine from your hair, you should apply a detox shampoo or spray.
  • To get rid of the traces of coke from the saliva, you should use mouthwashes/cleansers.
  • Increase your intake of fruits and veggies.
  • Get rid of dead skin cells to eliminate traces of coke on the surface of the skin.
  • You should completely stop taking cocaine because it is the only sure way to get a negative drug test result. (1, 8, 9, and 10)

How long does coke stay in your system Infographic

How long does coke stay in your system infographic

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